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they came out a bit .... cracked, yes fff good

  • 1 puff pastry sheet
  • jam
  • nut

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


I cut the dough sheet into squares (about 3cm 3cm) and in the middle of each square I put a spoonful tip. in the corners to stick a little (I think I didn't press hard enough that they cracked a bit hard ... finally).

In the oven tray I put baking paper and the funny ones on it, I put the tray in the hot oven for about 30 minutes (on low heat)

What are the funniest names of localities in Romania?

Romania is ours. Good, bad, with its inhabitants and settlements. Among the thousands of localities in Romania, there are some really funny names meant to make everyone smile. But what are the funniest names of localities in Romania?

Names of strange or out-of-the-ordinary localities exist in almost all counties in Romania. Some were baptized after some nicknames of the villagers, other names are inherited from ancestral ancestors without having anything to do with anything. Here are the 25 funniest and the county in which they are located:

2. Lower Venice (Brașov County)

3. Puțureni (Botoșani county)

5. Păcălești (Bihor county)

6. Cioara de Sus (Alba county)

8. Pârteștii de Jos (Suceva County)

10. Dosul Napului (Cluj county)

11. Udați-Mânzu (Buzau county)

13. Cioca-Boca (Iași county)

15. Spermezeu (Bistrița-Năsăud county)

17. Căpățâna Porcului (Brașov county)

18. Căcăcioasa Lake (Vâlcea County)

20. Flămânzeni (Ilfov county)

23. Căpățânești (Buzău county)

The conclusion: Romanians have a sense of humor

Well, this is the ultimate proof that Romanians have a sense of humor. However, although many of us feel amused to hear these names of localities, it would certainly not be the same feeling if such a name would describe the place of residence in the identity card.

Transylvanian funny recipe

Sweets, Cakes for dough (out approx. 40-45): dough and: 600 gr. flour 3 egg yolks 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons whipped milk 1 teaspoon grated salt 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar mineral water as far as dough: 500 gr. osanza / hai (fine ointment of.

Transylvania fasting recipe: beef milk

Fasting recipes, Meals 4 cups pumpkin seeds, peeled one liter of water / milk salt

Cheese pie as in Transylvania

Bakery and confectionery, Salted foods 1 kg flour fresh yeast warm water 100 ml oil

Caltabos (recipe from Silvia Jurcovan's book)

Appetizers, Appetizers with meat 1/2 of the liver, a kidney, 1/2 of the lungs, 1/4 of the meat and fat from the pig's head, 1/4 of the bacon from the throat (goiter), 1/4 of the mice , 1/4 of the boiled meat, 1/2 of the spleen, spices: pepper, allspice, coriander, grated nutmeg or cloves.

Caltabosi according to the traditional recipe

Meals, Meat dishes, Christmas 1/2 of liver a kidney 1/2 of lungs 1/4 of meat and fat from pork head 1/4 of bacon from throat (goiter) 1/4 of mice 1/4 of boiled meat 1/2 of spice pepper allspice coriander

Mushroom salad with soy mayonnaise

this recipe can be prepared with both canned and fresh mushrooms. for this recipe I used: a jar of mushrooms cut mayonnaise from soy milk, finely chopped dill, crushed garlic, sea salt, freshly ground pepper.

Cake glazed with chocolate

500 gr cake 200 gr dark chocolate (original recipe has white chocolate) 250 gr chocolate icing 150 ml sweet cream 60 gr sliced ​​almonds (original recipe has pine seeds)

Masala Dosa (sticks stuffed with potatoes)

Potato 175 g white flour (not for pastry!) 100 g corn flour 2 chopped red hot peppers 2 eggs 2 teaspoons sugar 4 tablespoons grated coconut 6 tablespoons oil (sunflower) 1 teaspoon garam masala 50 g butter 4 large potatoes green parsley salt.

Egg Salad

Mustard this recipe is not missing from the menu on Easter days and not only. It is as delicious as the eggs they make with remoulade sauce. I will write this recipe as well. mustard eggs lemon juice or sea salt vinegar,

Pytt and cream

this recipe is prepared by the Swedes on Monday from what is left in the fridge after the weekend: "pytt in panna = put in the pan" recipe for 4-6 people: 9-12 cold boiled potatoes 300 g of bacon / bacon / fried or boiled meat / ham / salami / sausages or any kind.

Pie on the slab, as in our country in Transylvania

Yeast -1kg flour -50g yeast -1 teaspoon salt -1 tablespoon sugar -2 tablespoons oil filling the cabbage is cooked, cut, inputin oil, put salt, pepper, careful, cabbage in the pie is put cold can be added other fillings: sweet cheese, salted cheese

Orange salad, refreshing

Salads This recipe is a very tasty refreshing recipe with a combination of ingredients a bit daring or at least unusual. the recipe is for a portion but each goaspodina can adapt it to the number of people in her family. use.

Stuffed eggplant, Iraqi recipe

Foods, Vegetable dishes - eggplant - minced meat - eggs - flour - canned peeled tomatoes

Stuffed and wrapped tomatoes

4 tomatoes 4 eggs 4 slices prosciutto crudo cheese cubes salt oil recipe inspired by "royal breakfast" posted by varadi silvia.

Potato Croquettes

Vegetarian recipes This recipe is an easy fasting recipe to prepare. we need: 1 kg of potatoes 30 g yeast 1 tablespoon margarine 150 g flour salt thyme oil for frying.

Baked Rabbit Steak

a marinated rabbit (recipe can be found on the website 10 cloves of garlic cleaned and washed 50 gr. of butter 50 ml of water


Bakery and pastry products, Salted preparations 315 g bread dough (recipe says it would be used I do not know what type, refrigerated). I made my bread recipe, from which I get about 850g of dough: 500g of flour, 15g of yeast, 1gg of salt, 1gg of sugar, 290ml of milk / water, 2gg of oil filling: 450g of meat.

Onion stew with donut paste in polenta

Foods with vegetables, Fasting recipes during fasting periods in time crisis or any other crisis one of the saving foods is onion stew in different variants. or that I cook this dish with tomatoes and I simply call it onion stew or more.

Tiramisu (recipe from Italy)

Cocoa 500 gr mascarpone 40 - 45 biscuits 1 cup espresso coffee 2-3 tablespoons marsala wine (or amareto) 5 tablespoons sugar 5 eggs cocoa powder

Semifreddo with coffee-Laura Adamache's recipe-tested recipe

this recipe by laura adamache caught my attention at the blog magazine: very good-looking, easy to make and delicious.

Chicken cubes on a bed of cabbage and rice

Meat dishes, Vegetable dishes and vegetables recipe I picked from the kitchen magazine for everyone and I like it. in fact I like almost everything that is vu cabbage :) ingredients: -300 gr chicken breast (in the original recipe it is turkey breast) -250 gr sauerkraut -150 gr rice -1 onion -250 ml.

& quotSpanakopita & quot

Leek, Water recipe my friend flowers from Italy we need: o1 packet of pie sheets (400 g) o1 kg of fresh spinach leaves (obtained from 2 kg spinach) virgin olive oil o1 leek.

Baked lamb steak - homemade recipe

use the thighs, a few pieces of neck and some ribs that are delicious 2 bundles green onion 4 bundles green garlic dried garlic for breading salt, white wine in abundance

Cozonacel with cheese dough

Bakery and confectionery products, Sweet dishes, Christmas 250 gr flour, 1 sachet baking powder (3 teaspoons), 125 gr quark (cow cheese), 5 tablespoons milk, 5 tablespoons oil, 50 gr sugar, 2 teaspoons orange peel from the jar (this is from me the recipe does not provide), for the filling the recipe has: 200 gr.

Easter with sweet cheese

countertop: cake recipe (according to the recipe "my cake with walnuts or from the address (dough from 500gr. flour) the filling for two round trays of 28cm diameter -1kg cheese.

Zucchini tart

Zucchini, Dill, Cheese dough: 250 g flour 125 g butter 100 ml water 4 g salt (as the recipe said I put about half a teaspoon of fine salt because it is not so salty) sauce: 250 ml cream (I used sour cream classic) 3 eggs a little salt filling: a larger onion 2-3.

Muffins with goji and sea buckthorn - gluten-free recipe

Sweets, Cakes, here's how we created these small and delicious muffins: for 6 pieces we need: -1 egg -40 gr. sugar - a lot of cinnamon (the recipe provides about 1 tablespoon, but I put more, because we like it a lot) -125 ml milk -50 gr soft butter -150 gr.

Crayfish with & quotO Thousand Islands & quot

Foods with fish recipe do not require fixed amounts of ingredients. you can use any amount you want of live crayfish *) and any amount of sauce!

Tatin tart with apples and caramel (French recipe)

Dough filling 175g flour 1 pinch salt 175g butter about 150ml. cold water or 250g. puff pastry dough commercial garnish 5-6 apples (depending on the tray) 75g sugar 50g butter 1 egg

Cornulettes With Ham And Cheese

Appetizers with eggs, Appetizers, Christmas 100g sour cream, 200g flour, 100g prick ham, 100g cheese salt, pepper, 1 egg (the ingredients in the recipe are for a small portion, respectively 25 pieces)

Buns with cheese and greens - recipe with low gluten content

Bakery and pastry products, Bread today we have at the table a wonderful buns with low gluten content, tasty and suitable for both. the big ones, as well as for children. and the combinatorial or serving variants are, practically, inexhaustible :) let's not prolong the story, here is the recipe: -.

Pandispan in lemon sauce

Sweets, Cakes this recipe is inspired by the magazine "kitchen secrets" we need: -300 gr. caster sugar -2 lemon essence ampoules -1 orange essence ampoule -120 gr. flour -6 eggs -1 cube of butter -3 egg whites -50 gr. powdered sugar -1 lemon

Tuna and potato salad

Potato, Lemon, Lemon 1 kg potatoes, 250 g tuna in oil (I bought shredded tuna in the original recipe from the kitchen practically wrote "tuna pieces"), 1 lemon, 50 g olives (stuffed with peppers I used simple), 3 eggs, 1/2 red onion, 2 tablespoons sour cream (or.

Gray pudding

my ingredients: * 3 whole eggs + 2 egg whites (left over from another recipe) - instead of 4 eggs as the recipe says * 4 tablespoons sugar * 10 tablespoons semolina (with only 7 tablespoons I found the "dough" too thin) * 1 teaspoon baking powder * 1 sachet.

Low spinach

Foods with vegetables and greens a simple nutritious Transylvanian recipe and I would say healthy for those who appreciate the qualities of spinach a quick recipe at the same time and only good for a lunch. 1/2 kg spinach 80-100 ml sunflower oil 1 tablespoon wheat flour 5 puppies.

Cake with ricotta, walnuts and honey

Sweets, Cakes 2-3 sheets of puff pastry - prepared as in the recipe here · arpis flour · 50 g sweet cream, · 100 g. Sugar · 350 g ricotta cheese, · nuts, · honey, · cinnamon

Cozonac from. ball

Vanilla, Mac, Yolks wonderful idea to make the cake from filled balls I took it from the lia on the blog cheerful cooks. just the idea of. construction! thank you very much lia but the recipe is still my dear mother. for the dough: 1,700 kg flour 500 g sugar 1.

The salty spirals of puff pastry

Mac a very appetizing and practical recipe from my friend Laura: we need: -1 packet of puff pastry 250g (squares of 10 / 10cm) -1 egg -mac -chick / sweet paprika - salt

Tricolor spaghetti with fried mushrooms

Pasta and pizza quick and extremely appetizing recipe! :) 400 g tricolor spaghetti made of durum wheat 8 large mushrooms 400 g diced tomatoes 1 roasted kapia pepper, red 1/2 medium onion 6-7 cloves garlic oregano salt and pepper hot pepper smoked parmesan 4 tablespoons olive oil.

Stuffed eggplant - recipe from Muntenia

Vegetables & bulls & bull 3 medium eggplants & bull 500 g minced meat & bull 2 ​​large onions & bull 1 small box of tomatoes in broth & bull 1 red bell pepper & bull 2 ​​tablespoons oil & bull 100 g cheese & bull salt & bull pepper for white sauce & bull 50 g butter & bull 2 tablespoons white flour.

Tomato salad with strawberries

Salads from the cycle called by me ,, bold salads, from the cookbook of the famous ,, xabier gutierez that offers us a cookbook with 1000 very simple recipes and sometimes bold combinations but without complications meant to arouse passion.

Pears with sugar and vinegar

Bay leaves, Lemon, Lemon 1.5 kg hard pears 1/2 l water 1/2 l wine vinegar 300 g sugar a lemon 4 bay leaves 2 teaspoons mustard seeds a teaspoon cinnamon this recipe can be served by people which have salt restriction.

Salmon Kulibiac - Russian recipe

Fish dishes (for 10 servings): - puff pastry dough 500 g (a whole sheet + about 100 g from another sheet) - fresh salmon 350 g - frozen spinach 200 g - onion 1 pc. medium - long grain rice 125 g - eggs 6 pcs. - butter 60 g - sour cream (20-25% fat) 175 g -.

Paella With Seafood

Meals with fish recipe I took from radu popovici. 4 1/4 cups vegetable broth (can be prepared from diced concentrate) 400 g thawed shells salt (optional if the broth is prepared from diced concentrate) ground black pepper 4.

Rolls with spinach and feta cheese

is a Moroccan recipe from the cookbook - "world cuisine" - gordon ramsay. 1 packet of pie sheets 200 gr washed and dried spinach leaves 250 gr feta cheese 1 large egg, beaten dill and parsley 1 tablespoon olive oil sea salt and.

Sliced ​​zucchini with zucchini

I have this recipe from my Australian friend. But it is a well-known recipe from what I have seen. It can be in this vegetarian version or in the carnivorous version, which also contains bacon. It is very good, obviously, if I propose it to you. zucchini slice -.

Grapefruit muffins

Sweets, Cakes, let's move on to the recipe: - 3 eggs - grapefruit juice and pulp (obtained from about 1/4 large pink grapefruit) -1 orange essence ampoule -100 gr. powdered sugar -75 gr. melted butter -3 tablespoons yogurt -3 tablespoons oil -1/2 sachet baking powder -flour as it contains.

Pumpkin and pumpkin rolls stuffed with vegetables - fasting - Homemade recipe

Small onion, Water a small onion a carrot suitable 2 small pieces of leek jum. of small celery a bunch dill a bunch parsley salt,, thyme, nutmeg to taste olive oil to taste (depending on how fat you eat) - I used 5 tablespoons 150 ml of soup.

Pickled summer pumpkins

Water because now is pumpkin season, I thought I would post another delicious recipe with these vegetables. -6-8 young pumpkins -8-10 cloves of new garlic -a bunch of green dill -4 bay leaves -pepper berries -mustard berries. for brine:.

Rafaelo from sweet potatoes and coconut.

-sweet or "sweet potato" potatoes as they say in Spain are of different sizes ----- I used one that weighed almost 1 kg. This recipe is very easy to make, is good and does not require many ingredients. -800 gr of sweet potatoes.

Funny from mom, five years of blogging

Today marks five years since I blogged (thank you, Mr. George). During all this time, it has been visited over eight million times. Thank you for that. I don't have more to say, but I can answer your questions if you have any. My gift to you today is the funny recipe I know from my mother. Stay healthy.

This might be my favorite dessert. Of all the desserts I've eaten since I know myself, I mean. If you wake me up at three in the morning and give me a funny one made by my mother and filled with syrup (magiun, hey, but with plums), you can be sure that I will eat it as you can be sure that I will not tear you up because m -You woke up at three in the morning.

My mother made 60 funny things (the funny thing is a homemade puff pastry, incredibly good and without a term of comparison in the pastry shop in the supermarket or in the consumer confectionery) from one. Less than half survived the first 24 hours, at least a quarter disappearing into the night, with no trace, as if they weren't (well, faint traces of powdered sugar could be seen here and there, at a glance more careful). Now I know how to make my own jokes, but my mother's are also better.

My mother makes them like this: first she grinds 650 grams of unmelted lard. Remove the skins from it if they are and then mix the lard with 250 grams of flour. Then knead a dough of 650 grams of flour, four yolks, four tablespoons of vinegar and 300 milliliters of mineral water (plus-minus 50 milliliters, depending on how the flour requires it). The dough should be like pie or pancakes or donuts, not soft, not hard. The mother spreads the dough on the board, in a thin sheet, which she spreads from corner to corner with a third of the mixture of lard and flour. Fold the dough in half and again in two, from left to right and then from right to left. Leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes, spread it again on the table in a thin sheet and grease it with the second third of the lard mixture with flour. Repeat the folding, wait another 20 minutes and spread / grease / fold the dough again.

After another 20 minutes, spread the dough into a centimeter-thick sheet, cut the squares out of it, put a teaspoon of magiun on each square and then close the funny, either from corner to corner or bringing edge to edge. Bake the jokes over high heat, to swell, to unravel. They're cooked in 20 minutes. After they cool, they powder them with sugar and try to keep them away from us, at least for a whole night.

Shit donuts (butter recipe, like at home mom)

Eggless croissants filled with shit, magiun or walnut. However, olive oil cannot replace butter in all recipes. The best oil is extra virgin olive oil. It has happened to all of us to wake up while making a cake. However, you may find that you do not have enough. You can replace each cup of whipped milk with a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice.

For cakes and other baked goods, replace the butter with a similar amount of margarine, lard or solid, cold coconut oil. You can also make nuts with lard from the same dough, I invite you to try the recipe. Poles with walnuts and honey Recipes Cakes, Bread, Breakfast, Food, Romania.

See the recipe from & bdquo Cake with cottage cheese & rdquo. Can osanza be replaced with lard? I'm in the USA and I don't think I can find anything like this here.

If you want, you can replace the amount of butter in my recipe with the same amount. I also tried the recipe, and I suffered just like Ioana: the dough is very crumbly, it can't even be spread. Rating: 3.5 & # 8211 247 reviews & # 8211 45 min. Unfortunately, these lard cookies can only be made if.

Adela Zilahi: Hajas (Haiose) Food Cakes, Cake Recipes, Cooking, Products.

Hajos teszta (Haiose)

240 gr flour
600 gr ground haj, mix well and divide into 4 piles with which you will grease the above dough from 1/2 hour to 1/2 hour.

After each grease, let the dough cool.

Care will be taken that every time after we have spread and greased we fold the dough in the same direction. Before baking at the last stretch, spread the dough to the thickness of the little finger, no longer thin for that then it has nothing to open.

Hajosele come out better if we bake them only the next day. They will be cut with a hot knife in the fire, and I will always cut the edges with a hot knife.

Fill the squares with the plum jam, fold them but without pressing them and place them in the tray with the opening towards the inside of the oven.

Leave for the first 10 minutes on high heat until it starts to grow, to open. We will keep the rest of the cut dough cold until we put it in the oven.

Funny quotes

  • & # 8222Intuition is a quality of a woman that helps her contradict her husband before he can open his mouth & # 8221.
  • & # 8222When a man steals your wife, the best revenge is to let him keep her & # 8221. - Sacha Guitry
  • & # 8222Housework won't kill you, but why take the risk? & # 8221 - Phyllis Diller
  • & # 8222In life there are two words that open many doors: pull and push & # 8221.
  • & # 8222The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits & # 8221. - Albert Einstein
  • & # 8222A man in love is not complete until he is married. Then it is finished & # 8221. - Zsa Zsa Gabo
  • & # 8222Some produce happiness wherever they go, others whenever & # 8221. - Oscar Wilde
  • & # 8222Men and women agree on one point: neither some nor others trust women & # 8221. - H.L. Mencken
  • & # 8222The love of your life will only want you back when you are involved in another serious relationship & # 8221. - Edward A. Murphy
  • & # 8222I'm so smart that sometimes I don't understand anything I say & # 8221. - Oscar Wilde
  • & # 8222If you laugh at the mistakes you make, you could prolong your life. If you laugh at someone else 's mistakes, you might shorten it & # 8221. - Cullen Hightower

Funny quotes
  • & # 8222 Wedding rings: the smallest handcuffs in the world & # 8221.
  • & # 8222Sit your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it will feel like you've been sitting for an hour. Sit next to a beautiful girl for an hour and you will feel like you've been standing for a minute. Well, that 's relativity. & # 8211 Albert Einstein
  • & # 8222I asked God to give me a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked him to forgive me. - Emo Philips
  • & # 8222 Teamwork involves first and foremost wasting half your time explaining to others why they are wrong. - George Wolinski
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  • & # 8222Stealing ideas from a single person is called plagiarism. Stealing from more is called research & # 8221. - Wilson Mizner
  • & # 8222At each party, there are two categories of people: those who want to go home and those who do not want to go home. The problem is that they are usually married to each other & # 8221. - Ann Landers
  • & # 8222As you age, three things happen to you. The first thing: it leaves your memory. I can't remember the other two & # 8221. - Norman Wisdom
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  • & # 8222Alcohol kills slowly, slowly, but it doesn't matter. I'm not in a hurry & # 8221.

Quotes & # 8211 funny lyrics

Funny. Puff pastry cakes with osânza

I haven't prepared this yet Funny recipe for a very long time, because I didn't have the main ingredient: osânza.

The funny ones are puff pastry cakes with osânza, filled with plum jam, which are prepared in the Transylvania area, especially around the winter holidays.

I didn't have a sentence at that time, so I prepared them now.

It is prepared with a solid bone, well cleaned of tendons and skins and passed through the mincer two or three times, until it is homogenous.

I tested them, this time, with melted bone, kept in a jar, because that's how my mother keeps it.

I didn't prepare them with jam, but with shit, but in winter I hope to be able to prepare them as in the classic recipe.

However, they are very successful and in this variant, the dough is broken into many sheets and is very tasty.

Ant cake

Today we will do Ant cake. It has two fluffy tops, one with walnut and one with poppy seeds, hence the name of the cake. The poppy on the counter looks like ants. It is a fluffy but also crunchy cake from wafer sheets, filled with coffee cream.

Ingredients for the poppy top:
5 egg whites
2 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons poppy seeds
5 tablespoons sugar

Put the egg whites in a bowl and whisk them with the mixer. When they are well foamed, we start to add the sugar gradually, mixing continuously. Then add the poppy seeds and flour. We mix everything well.

We put the composition obtained in a tray with a size of 38x24 cm, greased and lined with baking paper. Bake the countertop at 180 degrees Celsius for about 25-30 minutes or until golden on top.

When the top is baked, take it out of the tray and leave it to cool, along with the baking paper.

Ingredients for the walnut countertop:
5 egg whites
2 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons ground walnuts
5 tablespoons sugar

Put the egg whites in a bowl and whisk them with the mixer. When they are well foamed, we start to add the sugar gradually, mixing continuously. Then add the walnuts and flour. We mix everything well.

We put the composition obtained in a tray with a size of 38X24 cm, greased and lined with baking paper. Bake the countertop at 180 degrees Celsius for about 25-30 minutes or until golden on top.

When the top is baked, take it out of the tray and leave it to cool, along with the baking paper. While the countertops cool, we will take care of the cream.

Cream ingredients:
300 grams of butter at room temperature, with at least 80% fat
the 10 yolks left on the countertops
300 grams of sugar
2 sachets of instant coffee
3 tablespoons milk

On the steam bath we will boil the cream. We put a bowl on a saucepan with hot water. In the bowl put the yolks, sugar, instant coffee and milk. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon for about 20-30 minutes, or until we take a little cream between two fingers and gently remove them, and the cream stretches into a thin thread. Let the cream cool.

When the cream is cold, put the butter in a bowl and froth it with the mixer. Then add a tablespoon of boiled cream over butter and mix well. We continue to do the same until we finish incorporating all the boiled cream. Divide the cream obtained into four equal parts.

To assemble the cake we will need:
walnut countertop
3 wafer sheets
poppy top
and coffee cream

Put a quarter of the cream on a wafer sheet and spread it evenly. Then we put the top with poppy seeds and spread another layer of cream. We put the second wafer sheet, we spread cream on it, then we put the walnut top, we spread the last part of the cream and we put the third wafer sheet on top. My wafer sheets were a little bigger than the countertops, so I cut the excess.

Look how good it looks! The tops look very good, especially the ants on the poppy top, the cream is absolutely delicious, and the wafer sheets make this cake a little crispy.

Funny, or delicious cakes from Transylvania

1. In a bowl, mix the ingredients from point I. and knead well until the dough comes off the fingers. Separately mix the osanza well with the 200 gr. flour. Both are covered with foil and refrigerated.

2. Then spread a sheet of dough in a rectangular shape then grease with 1/3 of the mixture of osanza.

3. The sheet is then folded into 4. It is important to remember the order in which you fold the sheet (I do left-right, right-left, bottom-up, top-bottom).

4. Put the folded dough in a bowl sprinkled with flour and refrigerate ½ hour. After this time, spread the sheet again, grease it with another part of the fat mixture, fold it as before (in the same order) and put it back in the fridge for ½ hours.

Then repeat the operation with the third part of fat once more and leave it in the fridge for another hour before using it. I prepare the dough in the evening and only use it the next day.

5. Spread a rectangular sheet 1 cm thick (not thinner than that) and cut 3-4 cm squares with a hot knife several times on the flame (the hot knife will help that the layers do not stick together and when baked they will open nicely).

6. Place a teaspoon of magiun on each square and bend.

7. Place the obtained triangles in a tray lined with butter and flour or with baking paper and bake in the middle of the oven.

8. The strips should be baked in the preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 5-7 minutes, until the layers bloom, and then the temperature is reduced to 160 degrees C and bake until browned.

9. Then take out, leave to cool and serve powdered with vanilla powder in abundance.

The haiose recipe was proposed by kikenHana on the culinary forum.
Funny jokes they are served on a tray or platter at holiday tables.


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